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A New Family Member

Banana is the name of our new coon hound. The Vet says she’ll be about 70 pounds and very fast and lanky. Copper and Toby have taken her presence in stride and are showing her the ropes.

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VP Joe Biden says Republicans causing Rapes?

Vice President Biden is sticking to his ridiculous argument that rapes and murders could increase if Congress does not pass President Obama expensive jobs bill. Biden criticized Republicans who pointed out that the jobs bill only created temporary jobs. Last … Continue reading

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Fall in Texas is like summer in Canada

The weather this time of the year is just awesome and is very much like Alberta in the summer time (add a little humidity). The lake on a Friday night is a short 5 minute drive from our home and … Continue reading

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The Problem in Greece

Here are just a small sampling of what Liberal Socialism (left in the hands on Unions) has done to bankrupt the Country of Greece. Unmarried women can inherit their mother or father’s state pension. The estimates are that approximately 40,000 … Continue reading

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Can the Prez!

The news today is that another 403,000 Americans filed for unemployment last week while 44 Million Americans are now on food stamps! Meanwhile Obama is on a ten-day joy ride across the good old United States of America trying to … Continue reading

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North Texas is a Sports Paradise!

It’s been an amazing year for Sports in Dallas with the Super Bowl, NBA Championship and now the World Series featured here in good old North Texas. It’s also noteworthy that the Dallas Stars are in first place and looking … Continue reading

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Time for to Move on…

Following is a mass email message from “” encouraging Americans to petition our Government to forgive all student loans as a means of stimulating our economy…… I wonder if anyone responding to this “feels good” effort has thought about who … Continue reading

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The American Dream is at Risk

Pennsylvania’s capital city of Harrisburg filed for bankruptcy protection from creditors Wednesday, in a case closely watched by other cities and towns looking for ways out of dire financial troubles. You only have to go to Greece to see what … Continue reading

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Phillip Island is a Must-See

If you travel to Australia be sure to make Phillip Island a part of your travel. It’s about a 90 minute car ride from Melbourne but well worth the visit. You’ll see Koala’s, Penguins and Wallaby’s in their natural environment … Continue reading

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Solar Energy in Australia – unintended consequences

They don’t throw public money away to the extent that we do in America but Australians do their best individually to save energy (because it’s so darn expensive here). Solar panels are very popular and the objective has been to … Continue reading

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