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Fairness does not provide an equal result!

It bothers me immensely to listen to President Obama when he describes an America where everyone is treated equally because he’s been our first President to “gift” special interest groups special treatment. Consider how he openly and willingly grants reprieve … Continue reading

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America Tax System Explained

The Tax System Explained in Beer Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something … Continue reading

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Obama tries to cancel Keystone Pipeline Project

In an unbelievable move and in the face of Canadian friends, our President has decided that, after three years of environmental study (which found no issues with the pipeline that were not addressed) the Keystone Project should be cancelled. Is … Continue reading

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My Brother is a cool guy!

Besides being just a cool guy, my brother is also well-known and respected for his contributions to the RCMP in Canada. When he’s not riding his horse and diving into unknown waters to save us all he’s with his beautiful … Continue reading

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A Marluc Commercial Development

Now that we finally, after two public hearings, have our zoning change approved, we can press on with the site plan approval followed by a building permit, we hope, before to long. I met with our architect, civil engineer, banker … Continue reading

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Politicians Need an Economics Degree

I used to believe that every elected official should have a degree in economics but I found this recently published graph comparing Government spending to unemployment during the last forty years. It’s a real eye opener and an explanation to … Continue reading

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Unemployment is getting Worse

I get this sick feeling when I hear Obama bragging that unemployment is getting better and that we are coming out of a four-year “Obama” recession. The fact is that the improvement in unemployment in December 2011 was because unemployment … Continue reading

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Columbus Ohio with Tim and Family

I couldn’t get to Columbus for Christmas and Chloe was in town from Windsor for the weekend so we decided to have a late Christmas and an early birthday for Tim. Connor is almost as tall as me and Chloe … Continue reading

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Nashville Rocks

Broadway Street in downtown Nashville is one of the most fascinating places I have visited. Every 3rd or 4th building contains a country and western bar with live music and the performers are not amateurs. The bands are always at … Continue reading

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My Hockey Bucket List

Going to the Winter Olympics Hockey Championships in Turino, Italy in 2006 and in Vancouver, Canada in 2010 were definitely on my Bucket List and were highlights of my travel experiences. However, as it relates to hockey fun, going to … Continue reading

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