Obama Administration Double Standard

Why is it okay to kill millions of birds with wind turbines but not okay to kill a small number of birds while becoming an energy independent country?

See video of typical eagle kill by a California wind turbine.

The graphic video above shows a magnificent eagle getting killed by a wind turbine. According to a 2009 estimate from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (reported on the American Bird Conservancy website here), those bird fatalities happen more than 1,200 times every day (440,000 deaths annually and 50 deaths every single hour of the day on average). For the millions of documented wind-related bird fatalities that have taken place in recent years, how many wind companies have been prosecuted? NONE – they get a pass.

In contrast, 28 migratory birds (including ducks) allegedly died after landing by mistake in oil waste pits in western North Dakota between May 20 and June 11, and seven oil companies are being charged by the U.S. attorney for North Dakota for violating the 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

As Jack Dini wrote in the Canada Free Press: “When it comes to protecting America’s wildlife, environmental organizations and federal law enforcement officials have a double standard: one that’s enforced against oil, gas and electric utility sectors, and another that exempts wind and solar power from prosecution despite evidence of a multitude of violations.”

And from today’s WSJ: “It’s hard to believe anyone deserves prosecution for incidental bird deaths, but it is a blatant injustice to indict companies whose oil operations may kill a few birds while giving a pass to wind operators that kill them by the thousands.

The Obama Administration can loathe carbon fuels all it wants, but that loathing doesn’t justify selective and foolish prosecution.”



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2 Responses to Obama Administration Double Standard

  1. Josh says:

    Did you know the average number of birds killed per wind turbine per year is only 3? That includes all species….
    Did you know that bird deaths are the ONLY negative externality of wind turbines?
    Did you know of the thousands on negative externalities resulting in death and disease caused by oil? Cancer, fires, habitat loss, poison, etc, all sufferee by us even if we chopse not to have anything to do with oil.Not to mention the human cost (about 120 deaths / year) just to produce it.

    • jimattrell says:

      I’m not sure that quantity of birds killed is the issue in my opinion and I’m nor counting. It’s the Obama double standard double that annoys bird lovers. Actual study of impact on birds at a California wind farm can be seen at “http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/environment/2009-09-21-wind-farms_N.htm”.

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