Long Island Here I Come.

The subway and train system here is amazing and although it can get complicated there are plenty if very helpful people to make sure you don’t end up on the wrong train or track direction.

When I got on the subway train to Penn Station this morning I immediately noticed a very strong sewage smell and finally figured out that it was coming from a person three seats away.

Until she looked up from a slouched position (holding a can of coke) I was not certain of gender. Her muddy jeans, soaked in urine, baseball cap with matted blonde hair, and worn our fur coat gave evidence that she was on the train for it’s warmth and a place to sleep.

She looked up slowly a couple of times and her eyes gave evidence of shame and hopelessness. Normally I don’t help beggars but she seemed beyond begging. So, when I reached my destination on 34 Street I placed a large bill in her gloved hands that were wrapped around the coke can; and then got off the train. When I looked back at her window her face was pressed against the glass, following me as I walked, and the look of appreciative joy will never be forgotten.

I have many fond memories of Bryan Trottier and the NY Islanders and team winning a series of Stanley Cups some 30 years ago at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island and tonight I collected NHL Team puck number number 27 (three to go) at the rink.





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