Uncle Bob’s Funeral in Calgary

Uncle Bob loved to make people laugh and it did not matter how bad the joke was, he would be the first to tell it. I have many fond memories of our family gatherings at my Grandparents tiny little farm house in Carstairs, Alberta.

His funeral service today was very well attended by family from afar and it was clear from listening to many who spoke about him, including myself, that he was loved and admired by all. Story after story clearly emphasized that he was a Christian Leader who led by example.

I knew Bob best when he and I were young (he was two years older than I) and we lived in Calgary. He was always at our many family gatherings and never missed an opportunity to participate in whatever family event he was invited to attend; especially if it involved a meal.

I will miss Bob and my only regret is that I lived so far away from him for the last 32 years of our lives. I hope there is a golf course (with instructors) in heaven because last time we played together it was clear we both needed a lot of help.

One of the great things about funerals is how it brings families together and this service was no exception. Although the gathering time was short I was able to visit many of my distant relatives along with my own family and that was a joyful experience.


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