Disability the New Unemployment

The numbers of Americans on disability has increased from 5.4 million to 10.8 million during the last four years of Obama leadership.

This would lead me to believe that the Obama “loosening” of eligibility for disability coupled with the high unemployment in America today (related mostly to Obama anti-business policies), has resulted in disability becoming a form of continuation of unemployment benefits.

It’s noteworthy that since Obama took office, the percentage of employable Americans (those actually working or seeking work) has dropped from 65.7% to 63.8% which indicates the number of Americans (about 6 million) that have left the workforce after unemployment benefits expired.

Ironically, this (falsely) drives down the unemployment rate.

It’s hilarious to listen to an Obama Campaign Leader stating that Ann Romney is unqualified to speak because she was an unemployed stay-at-home Mom and therefore knows little about the world.

With Obama’s class warfare campaign attacking success as if it was evil it’s hard to understand why so many Large Corporations are providing financial support to the Obama campaign. That illustrates that large Corporate supporters consider his corporate bashing to be simple political rhetoric for the unsuspecting population.

Obama has been conducting a relentless campaign (I get almost daily emails) for $3.00 donations with offers of free dinners with Michelle Obama or George Clooney and the like, it is certain that at some point Obama will point out his vast support from those that can only afford to send $3.00…..

Meanwhile, his strength in voter base is improving as he provides more incentive through social welfare programs to those who don’t work and don’t want to work.

The Obama deception continues….




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