Restore America Now

If nothing else Obama has certainly divided our country. I remember when we could disagree and still make things happen. Kennedy, Reagan and Clinton were good examples. Our US expenditure budget is funded 60% with tax revenues and 40% with new debt. The broad categories of spending are roughly as follows: 5% interest on the debt, 13% on all governmental operations, 22% on defense, and 60% on “entitlements” (social security, medicare and medicaid payments, federal and veterans pensions, etc.). So if we could just get past “who did it” and concentrate on “fixing it”, I’m certain we can pull out of this mess. Making our country energy independent would solve many problems; mostly the unemployment and declining tax revenue problem. If we simply do that, considering the environmental issues, like they manage to do in Canada in a big way, then that would be a start. Natural Gas is clean and plentiful and if we converted trucks from Deisel vehicles to Natural Gas as a start, our carbon footprint would also be positively impacted. Somehow we need to elect “get it done” leaders who do not fear for their elected lives. Most of our long-term members of congress are spending most of their time running for re-election, that’s been the downfall of our system. I believe we should look not at what they say, look instead at who they are and what they did. And let’s forget about what side of the aisle they reside.



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