On June 11, a short 81 days ago, I weighed in at 249.5 pounds and was starting to feel tired all the time so I set two weight-loss goals for myself.

The first goal was to lose 30 pounds, which I achieved this morning, and the second was to start playing golf and exercising by walking more and to lose another 20 pounds.

I had hoped to lose the first 30 pounds before going to Israel in October and so I’m ahead of schedule. Going from 249.5 pounds to 219.5 in 81 days represents a 12% body weight loss whereby I averaged a daily loss of .37 pounds.

I did go off the plan somewhat while traveling and it would take a week or two to get back down to a previous low. Some things (overeating mostly or snacking on crackers and chips) are just worth it as long as I got back on track. And I did.

My food plan is basically a cave man diet. In other words, if a cave man did not likely eat it then I would not. I eliminated as much dairy, wheat and starch from my diet as I could and concentrated on eating and drinking fruit, vegetables, beef, fish, red wine, and coffee. The coffee seemed to act as an appetite suppressant.

Against common doctor orders, I did skip a lot of meals but did try for healthy snacking. I also used cinnamon in my coffee but always avoided sauces on my food.

A low-fat diet can mess up your system
and so I ate a lot of olive oil, generally on salad but I also used it to fry eggs.

My early morning fasting blood sugar is 85 (anything below 100 is good), my resting blood pressure is 106/68 and my resting pulse is 59. So, all is good in terms of basic evaluations …. so on I go to the next step.

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