The Canadian Rockies Rock

A trip to Calgary and Banff to see my family and friends is a highlight of my life and always generates many fond memories.

Last night I had dinner with Pastor Marc and Lisa from Grand Goave, Haiti and their children as well as My oldest daughter Jennifer and her husband Cephas and two of her five children (my grand kids and yes I am proud of them) at Taj Indian Cuisine in Airdrie, Alberta. James Roberts met us earlier for coffee but couldn’t come for dinner.

The food was very good and I was surprised to find Indian food in Airdrie, Alberta. However, the highlight was spending quality time with my family and friends.






On Saturday I met Jen and Devro at the restaurant where Mishy works for breakfast and then we went to WalMart, met Cephas, and bought late birthday presents for all including one for Cephas, whose birthday is next week.

I then made the short 90 minute picturesque trip to Banff and met Trisha and Keith for dinner at the Eden. We had a great view and the old was pretty awesome. It is one of the top five dining rooms in Canada.





I spent most of Sunday up the gondola taking photos and hiking to get used to my new shoes. I did a couple of time lapse sequences with the clouds moving over the valley where Banff was below me. Got a few good wild life shots as well.




Chris arrived Sunday evening and after dinner we went west of Banff and tried to get some sunset photos. He got up late at night and tried getting some time lapse photos. On Monday, after attending the opening of the Commodities Conference we dove to Kananskis and went on a 45 minute helicopter ride through the mountains South of Banff to take video and photos. It was an exhilarating trip and we enjoyed it a lot.





After another day of time lapse photography and exploring Lake Louise, Lake Minnewanka, and Lake Moraine (and running across a herd of Caribou) Chris and I returned to Calgary.

I met with cousin Cathy and Chris in Cochrane, had lunch with Jennifer at the airport, then headed home to get moved into my new office.




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