Israel – The Holy Land Day Seven

Driving along the Dead Sea and enjoying the mountains and palm tree forests was another surprise. Masada, one of Herod’s many fortresses, has a history that can be enjoyed by watching the old TV series by that name.

Masada, one of King Herod’s many fortresses and palaces, is located beside the Dead Sea and is on a mountain about 1,500 feet above the Dead Sea.

The palace at the peak of the north side is about 230 feet above sea level. The walk to the takes about an hour but the sky tram makes it in a few minutes.

The history of the Jews rebelling against the Romans and taking refuge here with the end result of mass suicide is very thought provoking.

Amos Chapter 9 in the bible provides a prophecy that is already well underway. The vineyards are appearing along the mountains of the Dead Sea already. There are fields if green where rock and sand once existed and now scientists have found fresh water under the north section of the Dead Sea which, as prophesied, is disappearing very quickly.

The Bible says that one day the Dead Sea will become two seas with fresh water from the River Jordan in one sea. Will I live to see that day? Will an earthquake here cause that to happen?

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