Israel – The Holy Land Day Eight

This is a special day as we travel to Jerusalem to visit some very special places.

We started with a visit to where Mary was born and The Bethesda Pool where Jesus healed the parlytic.

Then we visited The Antonio Fortress where Pontious Pilate gave up Jesus to the crowd and where Jesus was burdened with the cross.

Following the Path of Sorrows that Jesus walked carrying the cross we arrived at The Church of the Holy Sepulchre where the Tomb of Jesus is located according to many theologians.

After lunch we went to the West Wall to visit the wailing wall where we prayed in the same manner as the many Jewish people that were there; many celebrating Barmitzfah.

The Temple at the Jewish Museum has an amazing story and history but our visit and communion at the Garden Tomb was one of the best experiences of the day.

Walking into the tomb and seeing the family room described in the bible generated strong, visible emotions in many of us.






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