Israel – The Holy Land Day Nine

Our visit to the Holocaust Museum brought to startling reality what Hitler did to the Jewish population.

How different Israel and the World might be today had the Jews taken up arms and fought for their lives instead of hiding and following the great deceivers. It’s just one more thing I will never understand. It had to be God’s will.

Next we visited the Israeli Museum where copies of the Dead Sea Scrolls are kept. The Isaiah Scrolls were written around 650 BC. After our earlier visit to Qumran beside the Dead Sea, I’m starting to understand the significance of these writings.

Late in the afternoon we walked, with Harry, to the Garden Tomb, the Holy Church of the Superchre, and the Wailing Wall where hundreds of Jews were praying on the Sabbath. It was very moving. The Jewish shopping Center was closed but the Muslim and Christian shopping walks were all open.






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