Egypt – Day One

Our taxi took us on an exciting ride through Cairo to the Airport and I found it astounding that traffic lanes are essentially meaningless. Whoever gets to an open space first gets the space. Furthermore, a driver barging through politely honked to let the vehicle ahead of them (sometimes a motorbike) to be aware. There is no car insurance and almost every vehicle had many dents and scrapes.

I saw a 3-4 year old child walking down the 4 foot median in the middle of an eight lane freeway (10-11 cars wide) and cars driving on sidewalks where at one point a dead sheep lay.

We caught an Egyptian Air flight South to Luxor which took about an hour. The Security was very thorough and the airplane was pretty new and very clean.

Our guide Mohamed met us and took us to our small cruise ship to check in our baggage and after lunch we visited the Karnak Temple where Ramesses III reigned among many other generations of pharoahs.

After a visit to the Luxor Temple; another fascinating achievement of construction we returned to the Karnak Temple for an excellent light and sound show on a moonlit night with a cool breeze to keep the temperature just right.

Read Isaiah 19:25.

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