Egypt – Day Two

After breakfast on our riverboat we met Mohamed and driver and drove from Luxor to the Valley of the Kings where we explored the tombs of Ramasses 3,4 and 9. The tombs are large walk-in monuments chiseled into the mountains with amazing art and colors and much history going back 3,500 years. This is where King Tut was discovered in 1922.

We then went to the funerary temple of Queen Hapshetsup at Deir El Bahari where, at the top of a beautiful valley, this temple is located.

Mohamed then took us into town and introduced to Al Hussen, the Mayor who also owns an alabaster manufacturing shop. I purchased a beautiful candle vase there.

We then returned to our River Boat for lunch and then relaxed in the lounge till cocktail hour and then dinner.

The evening on the top deck enjoying the weather and the trip through the lock rates as one of the best experiences of my life. Peter and I visited with a retired couple from Australia who were originally from Scotland and the service by our waiters was excellent.

I have to say that this Nile River cruise thus far rates higher than every other cruise I’ve been on mostly due to the constant sightseeing of the adjacent shore lines with many different things to see.


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