Egypt – Day Seven

Our first stop of the day, lead by our Guide Ghada, was at the oldest Mosque in old Cairo, followed by a visit to the Ben Ezra Synagogue which is quite possibly the site on the Nile River where Moses arrived in the basket as a baby. This was a Christian Church before it was a Synagogue.

We then walked through the streets of Old Cairo to what is known as Abu Serga Church where the Crypt of the Holy Family is located. This is where Mary and Joseph hid Jesus from Herod for 3 1/2 years of their journey in Egypt. Matthew 2:13 describes that journey.

After lunch we went to the Egyptian Museum which has 120,000 items on display. It is a feast day in Cairo so the streets are full of families and we had Coffee at the Bazar surrounded by people having all sorts of fun enjoying the great weather and religious celebration.

The ride to our hotel was an event all by itself. It seemed like every car in Cairo was on our road along with flocks of sheep, donkeys, motorbikes and Volkswagen buses with 12-15 people jambed inside.

It is our last night here and we went out for Indian Food which turned out to be a huge success.

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