Egypt – Day Nine – Return to Texas

Today is our return day. Our cab was supposed to arrive at our hotel at 1:00 am but Yasser called and said it had been in an accident and he had to order another.

Our flight to Amsterdam is at 4:00 am and Peter flies direct from there to Vancouver after a five hour layover whereas I fly home via Atlanta. We will both miss Hurricane Sandy however.

The Cairo airport was another interesting visit with hundreds of baggage handlers (free lance) that ask you what airline you are flying while they attempt to grab your bags, pretending they are official representatives if the airport.

They are very convincing and once they carry your bag 10-20 feet to the security conveyor they demand money before they place bags on the conveyor. Peter grabbed his bag away from the carrier and said “I’m not paying you for anything”. I simply hung on to my own bags and said that I didn’t need help.

I shaved my beard for the trip and we slept for about two hours before arriving in Amsterdam; a very modern and well-designed airport that featured sleeping rooms in the KLM Club.

The KLM flight to Atlanta was very comfortable and I slept in my business class seat for the first five hours (12 hour flight) to help get back on Dallas time upon return. I took an Ambien to ensure that I slept. My only complaint about the long flight was the absence of wi-fi.

In Atlanta, I had to get my checked bag and clear customs where a drug agent with a beagle that looked just Toby smelled every bag for plants, food and drugs. She pulled a number of bags off of the carousel that the dog identified as problems.

After two hours waiting in the Delta lounge I finally caught my flight home.


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