Nanaimo, BC Family

We didn’t surprise Mom on this trip. Patsy met me in Vancouver and we took the seaplane (20 min trip) across the Georgia Strait to Nanaimo. Kerry and Geoff made the trip over with us and we had a very nice evening on Thursday with Mom, Peter and family in the private dining room at Mom’s place. Keith drove up from Victoria and joined us.

Kerry and Geoff took the ferry back to Vancouver on Friday and we had dinner with Mom, Keith, Patsy, Peter and Family.

Saturday, after meeting at First Baptist Church with Peter’s mens prayer group, Patsy, Keith and I met Christina and Jim for breakfast. Brian, Christie and Jack drove up from Victoria on Saturday afternoon at met us at Peter’s. Jack is growing up so fast. Keith headed back to Victoria.

On Saturday night, Patsy and I hung out with Mom while Peter, Heather and boys went to the movies. We watched the Kite Runner with Mom then had KFC for dinner. Kevin and Sarah came to visit and we discussed their June 1 wedding plans.

On Sunday, Peter drove Patsy and I to the seaplane terminal and we had breakfast at the Dorchester Hotel. Then we flew to Vancouver and Patsy and I hung out at the Vancouver airport for a couple of hours.

All in all, it was a memorable trip and I look forward to the wedding in June.











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