Losing 50 pounds

I started my diet on June 10, 2012 after weighing in at 249.5 pounds. Today, I’m a slim trim 199.5 pounds (200 counting my iPhone used to take the picture below).


With Dr. D’Amamo’s blood type diet as my guide I set out seven seemingly short month’s ago to get down to what the BMI charts said that I was no longer considered “overweight”. That happened today.

Now along the way I travelled and took breaks from reduced consumption but I almost always ate the correct foods to help me remain healthy.

Surprisingly, I travelled the Middle East in November with my brother for three weeks and actually lost two pounds. I never worried much about my consumption but did concentrate on what I ate.

The side benefit is that I never get heartburn any longer which, according to the doctor, is likely because I’m blood type O and allergic to Dairy or Wheat.

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