NCAA Frozen Four Hockey in Pittsburgh

Every year we meet at an Irish Pub in the City where the NCAA National College Hockey Chsmpionship is held and this year it is in Pittsburgh at the Console Center.

Before the trip to Pittsburgh I went to Raleigh and took in the Pittsburgh vs Carolina NHL game and bought my 28th NHL Hockey Rink puck. Just 2 to go.

This year there are three College teams that have never won the championship so there are lots of newcomers in attendance. Thursday we watched St. Cloud lose to Quinnnipiac 4-1 and UMass Lowell lost to Yale in a 3-2 in overtime.

Quinnipiac was expected to win the championship on Saturday night but Yale had the better team and won 4-0 in a very entertaining game. Dave Meyer and I had Lexus Club tickets so we were able to enjoy a glass of wine between periods.

We all had a great time and Dave Casey’s son Matthew joined us for the final two days of the trip.










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