Kevin and Sarah get married.

Sherry and I took off from Dallas on Friday morning to spend the weekend in Nanaimo, BC with family and to attend my nephew’s wedding. Kevin is my brother’s second son. The weather is supposed to be 50 – 60 degrees so much like the UK where we just came from.

Patsy surprised us by coming out with Keith and we had a birthday party for Peter at Mom’s place.

The wedding went great and the evening reception and dinner was a lot of fun. We got to meet new relatives from Sarah’s side and visit with those that we hadn’t seen in a while.

On Sunday the newlyweds held a luncheon and then we spent s quiet, relaxing afternoon at Peter and Heather’s with Mom and the boys. Keith and Patsy went home on Sunday morning.

Sherry and I will take the ferry back to Vancouver tomorrow.









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