New York with the Budds

Sherry and I left Dallas in the morning on Thursday and after a pleasant three hour flight and short taxi ride we met Val at our hotel.



A Trip to Bountiful was an awesome broadway play experience and we went to a great little outdoor restaurant afterwards.

On Friday, we met Rob and Val for breakfast then Rob went to work while we enjoyed a long pleasant walk around Manhattan ending up in Central Park where we met Rob for lunch.




We met for dinner in the evening and then walked down to the Hudson River Peir. The weather was just great.



On Saturday we met Ron and Nancy Spencer on the Brooklyn Bridge and then went to lunch and the East River Park. Sherry and I then took the Subway under the river and went to see Newsies, a Broadway Play. Afterwards, we met the Budds and Spencers at the Budds apartment and then went out for a fabulous Italian Dinner in Manhattan.




On Sunday we met the Budds at our hotel and walked to the Redeemer Presbyterian Church where they attend and then stopped at a nearby deli for a very NY lunch. We took the subway to Chelsea, a beautiful shopping and dining area that was developed in a run-down industrial park. Then we boarded a large cruise boat with 25 other passengers and spent the next two hours sailing around the Hudson and East rivers visiting the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and all the bridges including the Brooklyn Bridge. Afterwards we stopped at a restaurant located on a large barge and watched the sunset from the top deck while enjoying some local fare and adult beverages. It was a long enjoyable walk on the shoreline sidewalk back to our hotel .

On Monday Sherry and I left for the airport and had a nice relaxing trip back to Dallas.






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