Auntie Guites’ 90th Birthday in Calgary

I left Friday morning but our plane was delayed because the heater in the cargo bay was not working and they were transporting a passenger’s pet so they had to remove the pet for it’s own safety. That is a first for me.

I met Jennie at her office at Foothills Hospital and then drove to Airdrie where we met Cephas and Mishy for Indian food. She just got her new car and its standard shift so she is learning slowly. She is going for a BS degree at U of C next year and then a graduate degree at U of A. Possibly in physical therapy area.



On Saturday Morning I met Cephas and Jennie in East Calgary to watch his basketball game. He coaches U14 boys and is an excellent coach. Then, after having lunch with them, I drove to Trish’s place and we went to a local pub to watch the Stampeders Football game and then the Dallas Stars game.

On Sunday, I met Marijke Knipsheer for breakfast and then drove to Trish’s for a brisk one-hour walk. After lunch, we visited our home on 7th Street where we lived 50 years ago. Visiting with the current owner was fun and he was happy to hear of the history of his home. After dropping Trisha off at home I drove to Cochrane and enjoyed dinner and a nice evening with Cousins Cathy, John and Thomas and their spouses.

On Monday I met Dick Bissett and Trisha for lunch at Buchanans and then a walked all over downtown till around 4:00 pm. Trisha met me at my rental car and we drove to Jason and Robyns for an excellent BBQ steak dinner with the kids, including Kim and Aden.

On Tuesday I met for lunch with Jennie at her workplace and then Chris drove in from Banff and we spent several hours together. Chris and I went shopping and then picked up Mishy in Airdrie and took her to the Carriage House for Auntie Guite’s 90th birthday party. There were about 25 people there; mostly friends of hers and the telegram singer was hilarious.










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