Media Liberal Bias


There is no greater evidence of media bias than is clearly demonstrated by the Occupy “Anything” media coverage taking place today.

While costing taxpayers millions for trash cleanup, police overtime duty, riots and car-burnings,every act of misconduct imaginable (urinating and dedicating in public areas etc) the press attempts to present this movement exactly as Obama proposed (see my blog of a few weeks ago when Obama quietly suggested by email that the crazies hit the streets).

Meanwhile Obama, with the help of the Unions, is trying to redirect the anger about his policies to banks, wall street, Republicans and anything else he can to help his reelection.

He also blames Congress and while he is correct about Congress being a problem, he ignores the fact that his own Party voted against his jobs plan and is staying clear of the Occupy freeloaders.

Isn’t it also odd that the media helps to condemn corporate America (the source of jobs)….. But never condemns the largest Personal Corporations consisting of Sports Heroes, Actors, Movie Producers or Television Hosts (they don’t create jobs)?



Isn’t it also sad that the media participates in and leads the “butcher” of conservatives that threaten their belief structure.

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