The Radical Left calls themselves 99%?

Obama continues to encourage massive uprising by young radicals who do not have the faintest idea that we are where we are because of Obama policies, his class warfare approach to getting his way, and his “redistribution of wealth” ideas that have “scared” business owners ….causing massive unemployment.

Today, his supporters circulated this message to millions of social media contacts developed by the Obama administration over the last four years:

How did 1% of the population end up with 40% of the wealth? Why have middle class wages been stagnant while America has grown richer by the year? And, most importantly, what can we, the 99%, do about it?

These are important questions worth discussing. So we’re organizing “How the 1% Crashed the Economy” teach-ins across the country on November 9th. In living rooms, libraries, and community centers nationwide, we’ll dig into the roots of the inequality in our country—and what we can do together to fix it.

But there’s no teach-in in Lewisville yet. Can you host one?”


The sad thing is that with Obama working full-time trying to get re-elected our country continues its economic decline, our dollar drops in value and their are no jobs for our graduating students.


At least the poll numbers clearly show the continuing decline of Obama popularity and unlikelihood that he could win the 2012 Presidency. However, he is getting desperate as evidenced by his executive order to transfer student loan responsibility onto the backs of future generations. Of course he doesn’t call it that but that is what it is.


It’s hilarious that Michael Moore has joined the Occupy movement claiming that he’s part of the 99% when in fact he’s clearly part of the 1%.

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