Trietsch Memorial Gets New Roof

I’ve very much enjoyed my new retirement position as Director of Operations at my church and have grown very fond of our outstanding staff. Sherry and I have worshipped here at Trietsch for over 21 years.

In June, we experienced a hailstorm that caused tremendous damage to the various roofing systems on our 144,000 square feet of buildings.

With insurance deductible rates changing to 2% of building value we essentially won’t have hailstorm coverage in the future. So, we upgraded, at our expense, to a class four hail-resistant roof. I’m frankly surprised that this has not become the norm in our area of Texas.

In addition, I’m building new steps up the hillside from our main campus to our new Family Life Center and Gymnasium.

Also, we will be installing our new organ in the sanctuary soon and so we’re going to build a new speaker facade wall in our Sanctuary.

There are lots of interesting and fun family-oriented things going on here all the time. Never a dull moment!




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