Catching Two Fish at Once

On a perfect day with no wind Joe and I set out into the early morning fog to enjoy a day of fishing at Lake Ray Roberts north of Denton and about a 45 minute drive from home. Entering from the Pilot Point side on the eastern shoreline near Lantana we pushed off the dock with visibility just a hundred yards at best.



Joe is an expert fisherman and boat handler with years of experience and he maneuvered us into a number of awesome fishing spots on the lake over the next six hours. The lake surface was like glass and the quietness that surrounded us was amazing as we pulled in 81 keepers (10 inches minimum) including a five pound catfish. Joe kept the first 25 sand bass to take home and we threw back the rest. During this amazing day we caught two fish at once (we had double lures) nine times; something that I have never experienced.




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