Is America Melting Down like an Iceberg?

If you were on the outside looking in it certainly would appear that America is in a financial decline. Many experts predict dire results from the years of overspending to fund well-meaning but wasteful social programs.

The Liberals, led by Obama, Pelosi and Reid; took no meaningful action during the last several years of Democrat Party Rule to avoid disaster and in fact have made the situation much worse. An unbelievable example is the appointment by Obama to the Supreme Court of an individual who helped create Obamacare and who will now be an important and deciding vote on a Supreme court decision as to whether or not Obamacare should be overturned.


It’s an astonishing abuse of power that can not be overlooked.

With the worldwide financial turmoil taking place the time for leadership is now. America should be leading the way with job creation through energy independency instead of figuring out more ways to block the creativity of our nation. It’s hard to imagine that Obama would cave to the environmentalists over the Keystone Pipeline Project that would have created (immediately) thousands of permanent private sector jobs but he did. Even the environmentalists of Canada, who are even more liberal than America’s left-wingers are scratching their heads over this one as depicted in a recent Calgary Herald cartoon.




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