Surprising your Mom is Fun

I don’t get to see my Mother very often anymore now that she lives in Nanaimo, BC so it’s always fun to go there to see her, especially when I get to surprise her. And of course, I get to see my Brother Peter and his family who always are ready to put me up in their home when I visit. It’s a four-hour flight to Vancouver, a half-hour taxi to the ferry terminal, then a two-hour ferry trip to Nanaimo followed by a thirty-minute drive to Peter’s home. But it’s worth it to see Mom smile and to see my family!

And of course the roast beef, carrots, red potatoes, onions, apple pie and ice cream that Heather served were a delicious added attraction.

I got a cheap flight so I have to go home on Tuesday. The round trip airfare was $260.00 and that gives me three days to enjoy my visit to Canada.






On Sunday Peter and I brought Mom her Christmas present (a little early). We setup her new 42 inch flat screen TV so the three of us could enjoy the Grey Cup and that made her very happy!


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