Canadian Health Care is Lacking

You don’t have to look far if you live in Canada (or have family in Canada as I do) to see the end result of socialized medicine.

My Mother’s Doctor told me that I shouldn’t expect any better quslity of service because she is 83 and would probably have to go and live in a Government Rehab Clinic (worse than the oldest nursing home that you can imagine only with little staff). She couldn’t breathe without a machine and the device that the hospital uses to test her was broken with no plans to fix it.

After a work place accident, my sister went through months of painful physical agony without prescribed medication before they finally opened up a time that they could operate in her leg.

My brother has a painful hip issue that is probably work-related and it took three months for a bone scan. If the scan doesn’t reveal the cause of the pain, it will be up to six months to schedule an MRI.

Oh yes, and it’s not free. Everyone pays, albeit a much smaller amount than what American’s pay.


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