Giving Back


One of the most rewarding things that exists for me is to help someone and then watch them succeed. It’s probably also why so many teachers work for a pittance.

Today we met with another agreeable mentor to bring the number of supporters in our new non-profit organization (Biz Owners Ed, LLC) up to the desired level of twenty.

Training of a select group of 10-12 eager entrepreneurs will start in April and last 10 weeks. It’s going to be a pleasure to work with twenty (mentor) individuals who will give of their money and their time to help others (10-12 entrepreneurs) rise to their potential in the business world.

It will also be a pleasure to watch our trainees present their businesses upon class completion on “pitch” day to a group of angel investors.

After being blessed and realizing the American Dream building a successful business; and then selling the business, it brings much satisfaction participating in this new venture and giving back.

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