Fairness does not provide an equal result!

It bothers me immensely to listen to President Obama when he describes an America where everyone is treated equally because he’s been our first President to “gift” special interest groups special treatment. Consider how he openly and willingly grants reprieve from compliance with Obamacare to his friends or how he used taxpayer money to save union jobs at GM while at the same time, he caused bond holders at GM to lose the entire value of their investments. Or how about the fact that under Obama, Federal Government workers now earn 15% more than private workers for the same work! I see nothing fair about this President, unless you redefine fair as taking away hard-earned, cash from the middle and upper class and giving it to freeloaders. That behavior eliminates the concept of realizing the American Dream and discourages ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. Allen West said it best about stopping this President from trying to redefine our country so that we no longer recognize how special it is.





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