Basketball in Calgary

Mishy had a tournament basketball game first thing in the morning today and after an incredible 62-22 victory, Jennie, Mishy and I went for a pancake buffet breakfast in Airdrie. Afterwards I went to the Rockyview Hospital and visited with Uncle Bob who was recovering from serious infections. He was tired but alert and he told me a war story about Grandpa Attrell that I had never heard before. I then left for the High School Gym where Cephas was coaching DJ and Devro on a community league basketball team. They won easily and had lots of fun doing so.

I then went with the group back to the hospital so they could see Uncle Bob. After the visit to the hospital, Chris, Kelly and I went for coffee and talked about their new business venture. Then I went downtown to meet Patsy and her new friend Keith at Milestones where Ashley and Matt work. Jason, Chris and Kelly joined us later and we had a fabulous evening together.

The day was packed with family events and will be a long-lasting memory.





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