First Day in Haiti was Awesome

What a wonderful day full of new and exciting experiences. It’s been two years since the 7.2 Earthquake and the Hatians are now fully into the rehabilitation process and thankfully almost past the emergency relief needs.

Everywhere you go people are crowded into the streets engaging in commerce and helping themselves out of what was, and still is, a very desparate situation. There are still plenty of tent cities but many families now have small business jobs to go to every day. The street vendors were renting wheelbarrows on the sidewalk, fixing automobiles in open air shops, selling bottled water and drinks, driving trucks and motorcycles converted into taxicabs, and every shop on the street was setup to sell every imaginable good and service. We even passed one shop that provided donkeys to rent by the day.

The Haiti Arise Compound is a wonderful service to the community with a trade school, church, elementary school and an orphanage under construction. The new compound is fenced and ready for a number of new facilities in the future.

It’s been a long day (up at 3:30 am) and the dinner bell just sounded.





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