Above the trash Haiti does have much Beauty

After a long, much needed sleep I crawled from my bunk bed and ate breakfast family style in the kitchen. Juice was freshly squeezed fruit of some sort (kind of like orange) and porridge was made from a puréed plantation (a very large banana-like fruit).

After a cold shower (a luxury here) I packed up my camera gear, applied the mosquito repellent and headed out with Chris, the volunteer facility director from Calgary, to video the activities around the compound.

Construction in the new Children’s Village started today on the 7 Acre South Campus and it was fascinating to see the labor-intensive construction techniques used in the absence of modern tools and machinery.

Haiti has much beauty and many resources that are being tapped into as the development of this island continues. There is still much desperation and shame here but I’m amazed how polite and friendly the people are in the midst of the “almost” chaos.

Everywhere you walk (except our compound) the trash covers up the walkways as if it is intended to be there. Everyone throws their empty bottles and wrappers on the ground and it’s hard; but I force myself to look above it so that I can see what is beautiful.

Electrical power is difficult to afford and so most of it is stolen by the residents (with power company support I would guess) with the most creative electrical wiring connections tapped into the overhead power lines. At most, in most instances, the power being stolen would barely light a bulb.




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