Mango is multipurpose

The mango is the fruit if choice in Haiti. Our cooks go out in the yard early in morning and pick up all the tree-ripened mango that has fallen to the ground and prepare freshly-squeezed juice for our breakfast. Last night we had a mango pie with cinnamon that was just wonderful.

Many of the large trees have branches that overhang our sleeping quarters and several times during the day a tree will drop mango into our tin roof and the first time you hear that noise, you’d swear that it was a gunshot in the night.

The trees grow everywhere and provide a food source for grazing animals, workers, and for beach lovers needing a quick meal.

After church service today (2 1/2 hours) we rested in the afternoon, went to Marc and Lisa’s for Michie’s birthday party, and then went into the city for chicken dinner, Haitian style, with fried plantain. A Mardi Gras parade went past the restaurant to provide our evening entertainment.

It was quite an experience walking back to the mission in the dark with so many motorbikes and Mardi Gras parties taking place.


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