What is Obama going to do?

Ray Stevens asks a very good question (click here) about the three years we’ve waited now for any kind of positive action our President might take to have a positive impact on our economy.

He hangs out with the rich and gives nice speeches to the poor but is eliminating the middle class with his policies.

We don’t need false teleprompter rhetoric designed to fool the uninformed and promote his political future.

We need real leadership but it’s not going to come from this President as he continues to “scare” job creators with his policies.

He’s lost the youth who can’t find jobs coming out of college.

He’s lost the Hispanics who can’t find construction jobs.

He’s lost the middle class who are losing their homes and can’t find jobs.

He’s losing educated blacks who only voted for him because he was black and have lost everything under his watch.

He’s lost the moderates who have watched him change position on everything he promised (remember Gitmo, the war, open Govt, no increase taxation and no lobbyists on staff).

Now he’s losing Democrats who are asking Hillary to run against him.

The best thing he could do is to decide not to run again, finish out his term, and go back to being what he really is….. a good lawyer and community organizer.


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