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Look at this unbelievable email I just received from Obama organizers…. This is obviously developed for uninformed democrats who are led to believe that somehow businesses will start hiring again if our citizens would only protest on the streets. It also attempts to deflect blame for the poor economy from Obama to the Rich. Watch this theme from his camp develop further as Obama continues his full-time reelection campaign while Rome burns.

Dear Jim,

Just two months ago the American Dream Movement launched with a progressive economic vision for our country and real solutions to our jobs crisis.

Now President Obama and congressional leaders are fighting to create jobs and asking the rich to pay their fair share—echoing the Contract for the American Dream that we created together. But if grassroots leaders like you don’t seize the momentum, we’ll end up with more bad politics and bad policy.

That’s why, as the president’s jobs bill is debated in Congress, thousands of us in the American Dream Movement are mobilizing for a nationwide “Jobs Not Cuts” week of action October 10-16, calling on our leaders to create jobs in and for our communities.

But we need event leaders to make it all happen. Can you sign up to lead a Jobs Not Cuts event in Lewisville?

Washington is finally focused on Jobs Not Cuts. But if we’re going to turn this new political promise into reality, we need an unstoppable groundswell of public demand for jobs. That’s what this week of action is all about.

Pick a day the week of October 10-16 to lead an event that calls on your member of Congress to do their job to create jobs for Americans.

You can highlight the work that needs doing in Lewisville, from falling down bridges to crumbling schools, so they support the president’s plan to put Americans to work rebuilding our local infrastructure.

Or demand that the rich and corporations pay their fair share again, so we can hire the local teachers, police, firefighters, and health workers needed to strengthen our communities.

This is a moment to show the strength and solidarity of the American Dream Movement, so the more events, tactics, and targets escalating our demand for jobs in every corner of the country, the better. Can you lead an action in Lewisville?

Thank you for being a part of, and believing in, this movement.

–Van, Natalie, Billy, Jim, Ian, Somer, and the rest of the Rebuild the Dream team



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