The Drive to Port-A-Prince

Getting up at 5:00 am for a two-hour trip to the airport was not much fun; but the drive at sunrise, during rush hour, was like a Disney ride and full of adventure and new sights.

It’s not unusual to see 3-4 people on a motor bike and the typical taxi-cab is a small pickup, with a covered extended cab, and equipped with bench seats in the bed for 12-14 people. Thus resulting in transportation for 15-16 people including the cab passengers.

Some of the larger buses lock the rear exit door when full to prevent people from jumping inside when the vehicle stops.

My excitement for the day however, was visiting with Maria Bello at the airport. Maria is detective “Jane” in the television series “Prime Suspect”. She is here as part of a faith-based organization that empowers women.

I completed my goal of producing a documentary of the trip to Haiti in support if Haiti ARISE and it can be seen here.



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