Italy, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Austria and Germany Sept 2015

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After a long fight via Philadelphia I arrived in Venice to meet up with Jay and Bettye Rodgers and their tour troup on the Crystal Cruise Ship. From Venice we visted Dubrovonik, Croatia, Mykonos, Greece, Izmir, Turkey and Istanbul, Turkey with a side trip from Izmir to Ephesis.

We then flew to Budapest and sailed on Amaway to Bratislava, Slovakia, Vienna, Durnstein and Milk in Austria, and Linz, Passau and Vilhofen in Germany with an overnight in Munich, Germany.

The weather was fine and the numerous stops were historic, interesting and very beautiful.


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Africa July 2015

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I departed late Thursday and arrived in London after lunch on Friday. The layover was about six hours until the connecting 11 hour flight to Johannesburg arriving early Saturday morning. I hopped on a cab upon arrival in London and drove to Godstone, Surrey, about 40 miles South, and where my Grandfather Stephen Attrell was born and lived until about age 9. It was very special,to walk the same streets that he did and I am pretty certain that I found the house he was born in. The owner just happened to be home and we visited for awhile before returning to the airport for my flight to Johannesburg.
 I arrived at my Hotel in Johannesburg early Saturday morning and booked a 10:00 am taxi trip to tour the Cradle of Humankind about an hour outside this city of 10 million people at an altitude of 6,000 feet.

 On Sunday morning I flew to the Mala Mala Camp in the Kruger Game Reserve. Upon arrival we went on our first photo safari which finished after dark with two lions and featured a wide variety of wildlife.


On Monday morning we met early and found hyena’s feasting at the river. After an outdoor brunch in the brush we continued our search for wildlife returning to the camp after lunch. At 3:00 pm we left again for about 4 hours which featured lions, leapords, rhinos and giraffes. The three days in this camp were my favorite of the trip.


I visited the Mashuta game camp in Botswana next and spent two nights there getting a different view of the wealth of wildlife in this area of South Africa. The highlight was a walking safari through the bush with two guides.

Then I travelled to the Xakanaxa Camp which required an overnight back in Johannesburg and a flight to Maun in Botswana. The two days in this camp gave me yet another view of the countryside and wildlife and the accomadations were in an above ground canvas tent. 

My final wildlife and Africa experience was at Victoria Falls in Zambia where I visited a local village, flew over Victoria Falls, and cruised the river to watch the sunset.

The return home was very long (24 hours on a planes and 8 hours in waiting rooms) but enjoyable.


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Connie and Clays 80th Birthday July 2015

We arrived early afternoon on Friday and met Peter, Heather, Daniel and Steven at the hotel in Cochrane for coffee. Tim and Renee missed their connecting flight in Dallas but finally arrived in Calgary at dinner time. Mishy met us at the airport and Chris and Kelly met us for dinner at Smugglers Inn. After visiting our old home in Fairview we returned to Cochrane for the night. 


On Saturday we got up early and Chris, Kelly, Tim, Renee, Sherry and I drove to Banff and rode the Sulphur Mountain gondola up to the peak. Then we went to the Banff Springs Hotel for lunch and drove back to Cochrane for the family picnic. We had a great time in spite of enduring a pretty good hailstorm. Afterwards we went to a restaurant for a family dinner.


On Sunday morning we met for a family breakfast before returning to the airport for the trip home.


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Fathers day in Galveston June 2015

we all arrived at our beach house on Galveston Island on Friday and the weather was just right after three days of a tropical storm. On Saturday morning we walked to the beach where Delilah had her first experience in the sand. 


Fathers day on Sunday was very nice day and in addition to exploring the beach I walked quite a ways in the sand. Sonya and Keith visited and Sonya stayed overnight. Monday and Tuesday were great family days with good wine and food and visiting.


We had a wonderful family dinner in Galveston on Wednesday night and a shrimp feast at the beach house on Thursday. After our usual evening walk on the beach we returned home on Friday after a brief visit to a ranch south of Houston to visit Sonya’s horse Savannah. 



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Kerry’s Graduation Simon Fraser June 2015

I flew up to Vancouver on Thursday and met Geoff, Josh and Kerry and we watched Kerry’s outdoor ceremony on a beautiful, sunny day. She graduated with a BA in Pscyhology and after taking a year off she might go to law school.

I haven’t seen her best friend from Junior High School, Josh since 2006. Geoff picked me up from the airport.

On Friday, after spending the night at the Simon Hotel,  I took a cab to the seaplane terminal in Richmond and caught an early flight to Nanaimo. Peter met me and we had lunch with Debby Lang and her husband. I had dinner with Mom and Peter and family at Montana’s and then we went to the movies.


On Saturday Peter and I went to his Men’s group and Heather picked up Kerry at the seaplane terminal. Then we spent the afternoon at Mom’s and had dinner with her as well.

On Sunday, after church, we met Mom for lunch at the Cactus Club on their patio and then I spent the afternoon and evening with Mom. On Monday, Peter drove me to the Float Plane terminal and I returned home.

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Mishy’s High School Grad May 2015

I flew into Calgary on Thursday afternoon. It was warmer in Calgary than Dallas. I met with Trevor Haynes at Black Diamond Friday morning, had lunch with Trisha at the Green Bean patio. Then drove to Airdrie for the grad ceremony. I arrived in the parking lot just as Jenny drove up and she had my ticket so that was helpful. The ceremony was great and watching a grown-up Mishy cross the stage was pretty special. Afterwards we had dinner at the Delta at the airport. I returned to Dallas early Saturday morning for Delilah’s first birthday party.

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Fishing in New Orleans May 2015

Josh, Gary and I flew to New Orleans on Tuesday and met Dave and Nick for a great dinner and Stanley Cup hockey game. On Wednesday we got up early and met two guides who took us through Belle Chasse and into the lower channels for a nice day of fishing for Trout and Redfish. We watched another Hockey game at a dockside restaurant that night, played a little blackjack, and then ate a nice steak dinner. After breakfast and a walk we left for the airport and the return trip.


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Sherry’s 45th High School Reunion April 2015

Sherry and I flew into Corpus Christi on Friday afternoon and after a beachside late lunch at Blackbeards in Corpus we drove to Beeville where we toured her childhood home, schools and church etc. we met Sonya at our hotel and then joined the AC Jones class of 1970 for a meet and greet. Two of Sherry’s teachers also attended. 

On Saturday we visited many childhood schools etc and favorite shops etc in town before attending the Saturday night reunion.



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NCAA Hockey Boston April 2015

Thus was my 8th or 9th annual trip with my hockey buddies to see the NCAA Championships and Boston is a great location for the finals. Dave Meyer and I flew up to Boston with Dave Casey and met Howie and Dennis at an Irish Pub downtown.

On Thursday we met at an Irish Pub near the Boston Gardens and readied for the two semi-final games to be played in the afternoon. It’s Providence vs Omaha first then North Dakota vs Boston University. That second game is most important and the eventual champion should be that winning team.

Providence and Boston University won their games and on Saturday the championship between two very good (local) teams was very exciting with Providence winning a close game. 


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Global Warming Facts

I find it  interesting and disturbing that climate science prior to 1978 has been rewritten by the “warmists” left in charge of tracking our climate and being fed by Government grants to promote newly fabricated science proving that mankind is somehow impacting our climate (when we can’t even predict the weather tomorrow). 

As an example, following is a link to a blog of an accountant who discovered that all the weather data in Paraguay had been rewritten.

Also, here us article from UK.

A Nobel winning Scientists provides the facts click here.

In 1979 the History Channel produced a science series that included a special about the coming Ice Age and how it would impact our world within 100 years. Remember that in 1979 our world pollution levels from factories and automobiles was at the peak of our human history so how was it that all the science of that time indicated that a severe ice age was on its way and unstoppable? Where did all that scientific evidence go? Who rewrote it? You can see excerpts from that 21 minute featured television show by clicking here. It was sponsored by the US Army, the National Science Foundation and numerous university colleges and universities.

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