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Born in the Rocky Mountains of Canada in Edmonton, Alberta, I have been in Texas for 0ver 33 years. I am recently retired after selling our family business and look forward to spending time with my beautiful wife Sherry, serving my church, traveling to visit family and the rest of the world, volunteering my skills wherever they might be needed, building a commercial real estate development, getting to visit every single NHL Hockey rink (during an NHL game of course), doing what I can to improve our community for future generations, and enjoying the new technology we develop every day.
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Our family genealogy site is here.


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  1. dale victor attrell says:

    i think that we must be related,my mother was neva ,and my dad was gabriel attrell.my dad died in march of 1929.i was born dec 28 /1928.we lived in alberta.if you find a connection,let me know please.

  2. dale attrell says:

    hi jim,
    you wanted to know if i had any information about your grandfather stephen attrell.stephen nowell,was born dec.26/1896.he enlisted in the canadian army feb.11/1916.the 151st.overseas battalion cef.stephen was 5ft.6in tall weight was140 lbs.19 years of age.do you have an e/mail address?ihave more info on our family and it would be easier to get it to you.let me know.

  3. Brian Ma says:

    So, after u retired u just have fun by traveling to a lot of different places. Good for u and Sherry. Have fun!

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